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3 Reasons HR in Cloud makes sense


A staggering number of businesses are now well-versed with the idea of cloud computing, cloud technology, private cloud, public cloud, cloud storage, you simply name it. In fact, a number of organisations are using cloud in some way or the other. Yes, the cloud wave is taking business landscape by a storm.


When talking about human resources, cloud makes total sense. Yes, implementing a cloud based HRMS solution can address the several painpoints associated with human resources management. Here are three powerful and convincing reasons HR in cloud makes total sense:


  1. Unparalleled flexibility

Perhaps, the most prominent benefit of moving your HR and payroll operations to cloud with a cloud based HR payroll software is the liberty of accessing key HR data on the go from anywhere and any time. Implementing a cloud based HRMS solution empowers your HR folks by rendering them with unmatched flexibility to access data as and when required.


Further, the employee self service portal of a cloud based payroll software shuns the need of maintaining heaps of paperwork often associated with routine HR tasks such as time tracking, attendance, leave management, etc. On the other hand, the self service app allows employees to update personal details, apply for day-offs, etc. from their smartphones. This single-handedly is one of the most beneficial aspects to help you convince your boss to invest in cloud HR technology.


  1. Secured data hosting

Is it safe to store sensitive and confidential HR data on Internet? Is it worth the risk? These security risks continue to haunt employers and entrepreneurs all over the world when it comes to cloud based HRMS solutions.


The fact is that it all boils down to the HR software vendor that hosts your data. Nonetheless, the best cloud provider or partner has stringent protocols and policies to safeguard your data. Thus, picking the right host is your ticket to secured data storage.



Click here to uncover the best practices for cloud payroll security.


  1. Seamless implementation

Bid farewell to spending long hours with customer service, consultants and contractors. Cloud implementation is painless and faster. Thanks to open APIs, a whopping number of cloud based HRMS solutions support seamless integration with applications and systems already in use. Thus, making implementation a lot stress-free and streamlined.


Cloud saves you money and time in terms of innovation. Yes, automatic upgrades and updates make it relatively easier for a cloud based HR payroll software to stay ahead of the curve.


The secret lies in identifying threats such as data loss or violation and ways to protect these. Ensure that your vendor’s security is in line with that of your organisation’s. Once you implement a secure cloud based HRMS solution, sky is the limit to improvising your entire human resources management experience.


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