5 HR Processes that you need to Automate now

5 HR Processes that you need to Automate now


The exponential success of the ‘Start-up India’ ‘Stand-up India’ initiative by the government of India has triggered seismic shifts across the business ecosystem. The result is a staggering number of start-ups popping up leading to a great surge in the demand for human capital and management. This makes the already toilsome tasks of human resource professionals a lot more strenuous.


Unfortunately, more than 50% of an human resource professional’s time is spent in replying to queries and managing employee data. This calls for having an agile, streamlined and automated HR solution or practice in place. This article will throw light on five core HR processes that shout-out loud to be automated. Read on to know what to expect after automating your human resource operations.


  1. Employee on-boarding

Automating the on-boarding process eliminates the hassles and overheads of reporting, accumulating and retaining employee data for HR professionals. This leads to improved efficiency in your on-boarding process. It also facilities seamless flow of data to new recruits whilst reducing expenses and increasing employee retention levels.


  1. Employee information management

An automated employee information system arms the human resource personnel to manage the available human capital in a much better and organised manner. Most importantly, a streamlined and automated employee information system eliminates the odds of manual errors and data loss.


  1. Timesheet tracking and management

Tracking work timings of employees is a draconian task for HR people that consumes a lot of time and efforts. In addition, spreadsheets make this task even more cumbersome, time-consuming and arduous requiring a keen eye for detail. Thus, automating timesheet tracking, approval and management process comes a great sigh of relief for HR folks saving them significant amount of time and efforts. An automated time tracking system approves and simplifies timesheet data collection process saving HRs from the manual troubles of doing the same.


  1. Performance management

Infrequent performance reviews and feedbacks from HR managers are often touted as the top reasons for inaccurate performance evaluation of employees. With automated performance management in place, HR managers and entrepreneurs would get timely updates, reports and all the data pertaining to employee performance thus, leading to accurate and appropriate performance evaluations.


  1. Leave management

Automating leave management helps get rid of the painful and tiring chore of navigating through piles of leave requests, emails, etc. thus resulting in improved productivity and efficiency. In addition, automated leave management system offers detailed MIS reports with intelligent leave tracking, management, approval and so on.




A streamlined and automated HR department improves organisational communication, reduces manual errors, eliminates the threats of data loss or duplication and improves productivity of the HR department. Human resource professionals are enjoying the perks of HR process automation and it’s time for you to do as well.


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