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Leave Management in Pocket HCM

Leave Management Module in Pocket HCM Defining leaves in a Payroll HR Software is an essential part of the HR Process. These leaves are mostly the government holidays and company holidays if any. With Pocket Payroll software for HR and employee…

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Pocket HR Payroll software

Pocket Payroll : HCM and HR

Pocket HCM Solution incorporates Small Medium Enterprises for Online Payroll Services   Mumbai, Maharashtra, Jan 20, 2015 Pocket HCM 3.0 Version is focused on growing the footprint of our business services to meet the needs of startups and Small and Medium Enterprises…

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Assign user rights on Pocket Payroll

Assign user rights in Pocket HCM Software

Assigning different user rights in Pocket HCM Software   Cloud based HR Payroll Software provided by Pocket HCM gives the HR Manager of the company, the flexibility to assign different user rights to different executives. Managers and Executives at different levels have…

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Salary Pocessing made easy with Pocket Payroll

Salary Processing in Pocket HCM

Salary Processing made easy with Pocket HCM solution   Salary summary is considered as a main part of the monthly payroll process for any employee or to the management. Salary processing, hence, needs to be done very meticulously every month. In…

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Online HR and Leave Tracking Software

Online HR Payroll Modules

Benefits of Pocket HCM – HR software – Module Brief:   As explained in the previous blog, Pocket HCM is India’s first complete HCM software which is based on Cloud platform. Some features of the cloud HR software was explained…

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Pocket HCM software – At a glance

End to End HR Payroll Management by Pocket HCM   Pocket HCM is a complete package solution for HR and Taxation modules. It is a complete cloud based solution which helps end to end HR management from anywhere, any device and…

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