Gaming and Beyond: How Virtual Reality can up Team Building?

Gaming and Beyond: How Virtual Reality can up Team Building?


Selfies, potluck, weekend fun games etc. employees can now bond in various ways. Although team-building activities come in diverse forms, activities for employee engagement are on the verge of reaching new heights with the introduction of virtual and augmented reality.


Yes, virtual reality has become more than gaming. The cutting-edge technology is spearheading into augmented and immersive experiences that can be applied easily to key business operations. Augmented reality can be applied to business operations in several ways. For instance, think about virtual tour of a business environment, its culture, a comprehensive view of the product or for employee training purposes.


Augmented Reality for Team Building

Yes, augmented or virtual reality is all set to revolutionise the HR industry especially when it comes to team-building, since an increasing number of businesses are continuing to expand and globalize their operations and teams into different geographies.   


Keeping remote workforce connected and collaborative is not an easy feat even with the availability of modern means of communication. Most of the communication means and techniques in use today can leave the global workforce feel isolated resulting into a less cohesive and productive team.


Here, using virtual reality technology can help business to instil realistic video conferencing for remote workforce as well as in carrying out team-building activities on a global scale for optimal employee engagement and management.


On the other hand, management people can set up and execute social events and virtual retreats with the help of augmented reality technology for persuading stronger communication and workforce engagement between employees in a cost-efficient and less time-consuming way. This emerging technology can take team building to a whole new level eventually helping to nurture a successful and well-connected team.


At the heart, virtual and augmented reality is all about improvising user experience, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise if businesses begin to wake up to the idea of this futuristic technology for employee management. In fact, it shouldn’t take much longer until augmented reality becomes one of the tangible assets for businesses worldwide.


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