How to Rock your First Day at Work?

How to Rock your First Day at Work?

From deciding what to wear and how to appear presentable, the first day at your new work or job is full of confusion and hesitation. Yes, it is a nerve-wracking situation indeed. Nonetheless, don’t worry, as you are not the only one hotfooting, because everyone gets that butterfly feeling on the first day at job.


Getting hold of the ropes and making that lasting first impression on your new employer and colleagues is no less than a challenge.


So you have landed that dream job. But are stuck in the puddle as how to go about with your first day at your all-new office? No worries, as you have reached the right page, as this article throws light on vital pointers that will help you get going at your first day at job.


So without much ado, let’s get onto the tips that would help you get off on the right foot.


  1. Early bird always catches the worms. Believe it or not, but reporting early at work can have a great impact on your professional life. By early, we mean 10-15 minutes early and not crashing in a couple of minutes early. This would give ample amount of time to settle in and exchange a quick talk with your colleague next desk. Most important of all, observe your colleagues and try to get a feel of the workplace.
  2. Next important tip is to step in with an open and positive mind-set. This makes a huge difference when you interact with your boss and co-workers. Don’t be outlandish or egotistical when it comes to getting along with your peers.
  3. Understanding the coffee situation and yes, this includes spotting that drama queen or the witty guy in your new office and getting acquainted with the same are essentials during the first day at work. Understand how things work there.
  4. Don’t be a master of disguise even if you are especially during the first day at job, since this could ruin all your efforts of becoming your boss’s apple of eye.
  5. Don’t pounce on a new task on the very first day. Ensure that you are mentally prepared for taking up the task on your first day.
  6. Lower your expectations and prepare yourself physically as well as mentally to embrace the office culture and setting right from day one.
  7. Chitchatting during lunch and coffee break is a norm. However, there are certain topics such as religion, politics, personal life, etc. that need to be off the grid on your first day.
  8. Dress akin to your job profile. For instance, if appointed as an HR manager, news reporter or business analyst, then reporting in jeans, converse and some funky t-shirt would play a huge spoilsport.


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