Time and Attendance Software in India

How will time and attendance Biometric change in 2016 and beyond?

Biometrics is increasingly becoming a sought after technology and is playing a huge role in the development of many fields like robotics, medicine, engineering, retail, manufacturing, including others. Going forward, time and attendance software tracking can be one of the novel ways of using Biometric technology. It’s an efficient replacement to the traditional time maintaining registers and time keeping methods, as it is accurate and reduces fraudulent practices like proxy punching, delayed entry, etc. As the software is advantageous in terms of maintaining accurate records in terms of time of entry, number of hours worked and amount of overtime, there is no question of improper maintainance of records.


Most companies face the problem of pseudo punching where employees punch in each other’s entry time because they know each other’s password. This problem can be dealt with a finger-print biometric reader time clock, where once the employer enters his employee id, he has to pass the biometric reader. As everyone has a different finger print, it’s impossible to clock for someone else. There are cloud based kiosk software available which is adaptable to the hardware of the company’s choice. Once the employee clocks in and out of work, the employer will get an email or text message about the new log. Because of this feature, one can check employee attendance and access reports, sitting anywhere in the world.


The advancement of Biometrics is so much that organisations now use this security feature in most of their operations. For instance, a travel company can use the time and attendance software. The employee, who drives a vehicle after checking-in the time of work, will undergo biometric technology before starting to drive the vehicle. In this way, the company can keep a tab on who was driving which vehicle at what time.


The biometric software can make use of anything from finger print, retina scan, facial scan and voice recognition among others.  However, like all new initiatives are resisted, this too can be resisted by the employees as it takes them away from their comfort zone. A proper coaching of employees on how the time and attendance software works and how will it benefit them in the long run will prepare them to take the first step towards it. Most Biometric vendors ensure that employee interests are safeguarded so that a healthy work environment is maintained.


With an Integration done to a Cloud based HCM software, managing employee data will be easier and faster. To know more about how can Cloud based Pocket HCM help you, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to sales@sagesoftware.co.in


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