Online Claims Management and Pocket HCM

Online Claims Management and Pocket HCM – Making Lives Easier!

Claims management is a process, which directly affects customer relationships. An effective claims management process is the one that quickly settles the losses and helps strengthen customer ties.


This is the reason why businesses resort to solutions that help with quick online claims management processing.


Pocket HCM is a comprehensive and cloud-based claims management solution designed for businesses across all industry verticals. Its interface makes it one of the intuitive and easy to use system available today.




  1. Time

Pocket HCM manages the complex and arduous process of claims management in an easy and quick manner saving significant amount of time for HR personnel that can be devoted on other important chores. This makes the HR department more efficient and agile.


  1. Consistency

It is important to treat employees fairly and that too on a regular basis. Pocket HCM ensures equal and fair treatment to employees that would empower them. Furthermore, it offers both claimants as well as organisation a single point of contact ensuring that the process stays on track.


  1. Impartiality

It is important for claims managers to be neutral and impartial. Pocket HCM rules out any such misconduct ensuring that all the claims decisions and verdicts are unbiased.


  1. Cost Control

Pocket HCM offers flexible (both short/long-term plans) customised to the needs of specific business requirements and preferences. This ensures unmatched scalability to a business.


To know more about how Pocket HCM can simplify the entire claims management process for your business, click here.


You can also drop a mail at or SMS SAGE to 56767.


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