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Benefits of Pocket HCM – HR software – Module Brief:


As explained in the previous blog, Pocket HCM is India’s first complete HCM software which is based on Cloud platform. Some features of the cloud HR software was explained in the previous blog itself, going further, we will have a look at the following features of Pocket HCM:

Pocket HCM consists of the following Modules:

  1. Personnel Information Portal – PIP
  2. Online Leave tracking module – OLTS
  3. Reimbursement module – Benefits

Online Pocket Payroll, can be accessed in intranet as well as in internet, provided it shared on global IP. Let’s look in brief each module briefly:


  1. Personnel Information Portal-PIP: This module comprises of below modules. Where the logged in person can see the salary information, TDS entry, Worksheets and so on (Depends on what access is provided). It comprises of various reports that are present.
Online HR Software
Online HR Software

One can see their TDS declaration and proofs, HR policies of the office. The HR can view intricate details like pending F and F, pending joining documents, stop payment and loan details of the employee.

  1. Online leave tracking module – OLTS: This module of Pocket HCM handles all the leave management for the organization. Below is quick overview of OLTS module. Where the logged in person can see his leaves, add leaves, and see report for applied leaves (Depends on what access is provided):
Online Leave Tracking Module
Online Leave Tracking Module

One of the most important features of any online payroll software is the ability to handle the leave management. Pocket HCM comes with a self – service portal for all employees which is completely cloud based. Now leave can be applied for an approved along with the personal information of the employees from anywhere, any device and any time.

Pocket HCM is based on the safest platform – Windows Azure which is most secure for the data and number of  transactions which happen online.

For more details on online leave management module, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to Pocket HCM team at for a free consultation.

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