Stop Payment

Stop Payment in Pocket HCM

Employees everywhere are hired on Fixed, temporary or on a contractual basis. But sometimes the employers themselves may not be sure of their employees if they will complete their tenure or no. When the employees take leave often or do…

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Loan foreclosure in Pocket Payroll

Pocket HCM provides us with a very useful configurable feature for loan Foreclosure. In our last blog we discussed about how to use loan deviation feature in Pocket payroll. In this blog we will see ‘Loan foreclosed feature in Pocket payroll.’…

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Pocket Payroll Software

Save more with Online Payroll Software

“We save a penny to earn something more than penny” However, for saving and earning more, the company and the management require awareness, analytical skills and wisdom and a vision. Employees help you achieve a company’s goals which the management…

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Loan Entry in Pocket Payroll Software

Loan Entry in Pocket HCM

In a payroll, a loan is a debit which is provided by organization to employee at an interest rate or without interest on the request of the employee. Since this is an important function, it needs to be recorded in one…

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Leave Definition in Pocket HR Payroll Software

Leave definitions in Pocket HCM

Leaves in any Payroll Software is an essential part of computing salary. Defining leaves in the Payroll makes it easier to compute salary and the working days. Government holidays and leaves as defined by the company like sick leave, paid…

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Leave Management in Pocket HCM

Leave Management Module in Pocket HCM Defining leaves in a Payroll HR Software is an essential part of the HR Process. These leaves are mostly the government holidays and company holidays if any. With Pocket Payroll software for HR and employee…

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Pocket HR Payroll software

Pocket Payroll : HCM and HR

Pocket HCM Solution incorporates Small Medium Enterprises for Online Payroll Services   Mumbai, Maharashtra, Jan 20, 2015 Pocket HCM 3.0 Version is focused on growing the footprint of our business services to meet the needs of startups and Small and Medium Enterprises…

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Assign user rights on Pocket Payroll

Assign user rights in Pocket HCM Software

Assigning different user rights in Pocket HCM Software   Cloud based HR Payroll Software provided by Pocket HCM gives the HR Manager of the company, the flexibility to assign different user rights to different executives. Managers and Executives at different levels have…

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