Pocket HCM: All-inclusive Payroll Software

Pocket HCM: All-inclusive Payroll Software

Processing the most essential thing in any business i.e. salary is sure to take up time and resources within. From calculating deductions to hours worked and paying taxes and so on, the entire process can turn complex at times for HR personnel. This is the reason it is more important to choose a software or solution that can simplify the entire payroll processing for your business.



When you use a service, the process is streamlined, but somebody will still need to keep a track of hours worked and other crucial payroll information to be forward to the payroll service vendor. On the other hand, when using a cloud based HCM software like Pocket HCM, your HR team is less likely to spend much time in managing all the payroll chores, because the software automates the entire payroll process right from salary calculations to tax filing and leave to attendance management.



There are costs associated with both payroll services as well as payroll software. However, when you compare these two, cloud based SaaS payroll software is a sure winner, as it incurs fewer costs compared to employing some third party payroll service provider. You just ought to select the required modules.


Another important difference is cost per employee. With fewer employees, the cost for payroll service may be less expensive but as the number of employees increase, the cost of payroll service goes up too. This is why a cloud based HRMS software is always your best bet.



Last but not the least, one of the most prominent reasons why businesses go for payroll software is that it offers unmatched flexibility to the users and requires minimal efforts for set-up. Talk about mobile workforce management!


Further, if your business has special payroll needs such as different salary figures or weekly/bi-weekly pay-outs, then an automated cloud based HRMS software is your best saviour.


Simply put, payroll software offers you more control over your HR operations. Most importantly, payroll software saves a good amount of money for your business when compared to payroll service vendor.


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