Salary Pocessing made easy with Pocket Payroll

Salary Processing in Pocket HCM

Salary Processing made easy with Pocket HCM solution


Salary summary is considered as a main part of the monthly payroll process for any employee or to the management. Salary processing, hence, needs to be done very meticulously every month. In the process, a lot of time of the HR personnel is consumed, especially if the Payroll is done using excel and spreadsheets. There are many companies which use small payroll software to compute the monthly salaries but that is what forms the crux of the problem. The software can only compute the salary and nothing else.

Over here, the company needs to look for not only a competent software but also one which is on cloud. Being on cloud, gives the company the leverage to access and compute data from anywhere and any device. It is over here that Pocket HCM can be of use to any company from startups to enterprises.

Pocket HCM not only allows ease of salary processing but also other features like Gratuity, Reconciliation and load details. Since all these features are an essential component of Salary Processing, it cannot be ignored and needs to be included when the monthly processing is been done.

In Pocket HCM, to view the summary report for Salary, go to Pocket HCM>> reports >> financial >> salary summary

Pocket HCM solution, HR software
Pocket HCM solution

Refer the below screen shot. The user will be able to see salary summary by selecting a group of month or for a particular month.

Salary Processing with Pocket Payroll
Salary Processing made easy with Pocket HCM Solution

This, easily allows the HR manager to see the salary summary for current employees and ex – employees.

Most importantly, the timesheet management module makes it easy to keep a check on employee work timings, overtime, etc. enabling error-free and automated salary computations.

More details of the Cloud HR Software will be put up soon. To get free consultation, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to Pocket HCM team on


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