Why HR and AI makes sense in each other’s company?


AI (Artificial Intelligence) is transforming lives, be it at work or home, it is gaining good traction all over. Smart home assistant is a fine example of AI at home, which helps controls lights, unlocks cars, regulates temperatures, etc. In workplaces, AI is fast turning into smart assistants to help us work in a much smarter and faster manner. Simply put, artificial intelligence is not only the future of workplace, but in fact, it is already happening, right here right now.


A good number of HR professionals and practitioners are of the notion that they soon will have to manage both machines as well as man, as the adoption of AI technology sees a great surge in business. On the other hand, several believe that advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence might result in job loss and layoffs in the next few years.


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Yes, the grass looks pretty green on the other side as well!


The rise of artificial intelligence is set to trigger seismic shifts in the various operations that business managers utilise for managing growth, human capital and productivity spanning across all industry verticals.


With that being said, a decent number of businesses are resorting to AI-powered assistants also known as chatbots, which are devised to simulate human conversations to help hire employees, answer various HR queries, etc. Many organisations are fast realising the potential of cognitive computing and its ability to transform and improve critical functions of HR such as talent development, talent acquisition and employee experience. In addition, significant investments in technology and the unprecedented growth of big data is helping businesses leverage artificial intelligence technology in a much faster way.


Although robotics and AI are set to have a lasting impact on businesses, C-suite employees are hell-bent on the brighter picture, as they expect AI to improve innovation and competitiveness significantly.


Despite of the job loss and layoffs that automation and AI are set to bring in, a majority of HR personnel and industry experts are optimistic when it comes to the impact of artificial intelligence. So we can expect to come across highly productive, efficient and organised HR departments in the near future.


For a business to harness the power of automation and AI technology, business leaders ought to have a more open approach.


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